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Choose your pricing plan

  • Weekly MVP

    Every week
    +$10 Activation
    Perfect for those looking to save $$$ on their vapes
    • Gets you 1 $.99 15k puff vape and huge discounts on all vape
  • Yearly MVP

    Every year
    +$10 Activation
    Perfect for those looking for massive savings this year
    • Gets you 3 $.99 15k puff vapes

Become an MVP today to claim your $.99 15k puff Vape

Welcome MVP, you made it to the right place. Be an MVP your way, here are the options. 

1. Pay $10 activation and $2.49 per week. The first $2.49 will be billed 7 days after activation. 

2. Pay 10$ activation and pay $99 for a yearly membership. The $99 will be billed at checkout. (2 months free plus three 15k puff vapes for $.99 each)

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